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Our Services

Being a one stop solution for your child’s advancement is what we strive for, and our programs have been designed in the same manner. These are our services which makes us the best pre-school in Bangalore.

ILM Pathway Lunch + Snacks

Lunch + Snacks

ILM Pathway Creative Classes

Creative Classes

ILM Pathway After School Care

After School 

ILM Pathway Nap Sessions

Nap Sessions


ILM Pathway Infants
ILM Pathway Infants
ILM Pathway Infants

Bonding with infants is quite possibly the most pleasurable piece of baby care, occurs during the delicate time in the principal hours and days after birth when guardians make a profound association with their newborn child. Actual closeness can advance a passionate association.


When it comes to infants, the connection adds to their enthusiastic development, which additionally influences their advancement in different zones. Another approach to consider bonding is “becoming hopelessly enamored with” the infant. Infants flourish from having a parent or other grown-up in their life who loves them unequivocally.

At ILM Pathway we start bonding by supporting your child and tenderly. Both you and your accomplice can likewise accept the open door to be “skin-to-skin,” holding your infant against your own skin while taking care of our support system.


At ILM Pathway we bring in various activities to keep the infant-occupied and well ahead in the processes of their brain development. Children generally love vocal sounds, for example, talking, chattering, singing, and cooing. Your infant will presumably additionally adore tuning in to music. Infant clatters and melodic mobiles are other acceptable approaches to animate your baby’s hearing. On the off chance that your little one is being fastidious, have a go at singing, recounting verse and nursery rhymes, or perusing so anyone might hear as you influence or rock your child delicately in a seat. All these things will be taken care by our experts in ILM Pathway, which is why the school ranks in the list of top 10 best pre-school in Bangalore.


ILM Pathway Toddler
ILM Pathway Toddler
ILM Pathway Toddler

It may look like simply a piece of cake, yet little children are working diligently learning significant actual aptitudes as they pick up muscle control, equilibrium, and coordination. Each new aptitude allows them to advance to the following one, expanding on an establishment that prompts more actual assignments, for example, bouncing rope, kicking a ball on the run, or turning a cartwheel.


Babies constantly need to accomplish more, which can persuade them to continue attempting until they ace another ability. 


Exploit your baby’s normal craving to continue moving. Indeed, even at this early age, kids set up examples of action that bring through the remainder of the youth. So a functioning baby is probably going to stay dynamic later.

Creating Skills

Playing and learning are totally normal for little children. So dominating actual aptitudes ought to be pointless fooling around for them. Here at ILM Pathway, we encourage the toddlers on numerous occasions to rehearse their creating aptitudes. while giving oversight so they stay safe while they learn.

Here’s A Manual For The Actual Aptitudes By Age:


  • Strolls autonomously

  • Pulls/conveys toys while strolling

  • They Stoops and gets back up

  • Starts to run

  • Kicks a ball

  • Holds railing going up/down steps

  • Strolls in reverse


  • Balances 1 to 2 seconds on one foot

  • Climbs well

  • Twists around effectively without falling

  • Runs well

  • Kicks ball forward

  • Advance going up/down steps

  • Begins to pedal tricycle

  • Tosses ball overhead

Pre- School

ILM Pathway Preschool
ILM Pathway Preschool
ILM Pathway Preschool


  • A decent preschool program can offer some critical focal points.

  • Non-stop consideration: Most preschool care offer services from newborn daycare to infant care from the earliest stages through toddlerhood, and once in a while even past.

  • Socialization: Your child will get exposure with other little ones.

  • Cost: If you’re wanting to return to work and need somebody to watch after your youngster while you’re away, then ILM Pathway, the best preschool will, in general, be more affordable than employing a babysitter (despite the fact that a caretaker might be more practical in the event that you have various kids).

  • Dependability: ILM Pathway stays open for around 12 hours to help an assortment of parent plans.




 No.84/2 & 84/3, Monarch Serenity, I-100, Ground Floor, Thanisandra Main Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560077

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