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Best Preschool in Thanisandra

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ILM Pathway

ILM Pathway is a distinguished pre-school and child care center situated in Thanisandra, Bengaluru (North). Established in 2019 by Mr. H A Abdul Sajid, a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in technology, finance, and education, our goal is to provide a unique sensorial learning environment for our little dreamers. We firmly believe in laying a strong foundation during the formative years, and we encourage hands-on experimentation in specific environments for each subject and area of learning. Our aim is to offer our little dreamers a stimulating experience that promotes all-round development, which is why we're one of the best-rated pre-schools in Bangalore.

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ILM Pathway Thanisandra
Learning To Be
Self Reliant
ILM Pathway Thanisandra
Sounds and Rhythms
ILM Pathway Thanisandra
Learning and Developing 
Motor Skills
ILM Pathway Thanisandra
Develop Healthy
Social Skills
ILM Pathway Thanisandra
Communication Skills
ILM Pathway Thanisandra
Connect With
ILM Pathway Thanisandra
Spatial and Sensory
Based Learning
ILM Pathway Thanisandra
Enhancing Logic
and Reasoning

Our Philosophy

Welcome to ILM Pathway, one of the top 10 best pre-schools in Bangalore. We understand the concerns of working parents who have to leave their little ones behind. That's why we offer unique child-care services that promote family-friendly workspaces, enabling new mothers to pursue their dreams. Our preliminary skill lessons and age-specific activities like Music, Arts, and Crafts, Yoga, and Language help build a strong foundation for your child's personality. Trust us to take care of your child's well-being while you focus on your career.

ILM Pathway Thanisandra Happy Kids
Happy Kids
ILM Pathway Thanisandra Activities
ILM Pathway Thanisandra Teachers


ILM Pathway Thanisandra Music

Learning music can have a positive impact on a child's development. It can improve their motor skills, enhance their ability to listen and remember, and help them recognize languages and objects. Additionally, music can make the learning process more enjoyable and effective.

ILM Pathway Thanisandra Yoga

Introduce your child to the world of yoga with our introductory lessons designed specifically for children. Our classes help improve concentration, inculcate good habits, and boost motor functions. Let us help your child develop healthy habits from a young age.

ILM Pathway Thanisandra Art and Craft
Art & Craft

"Encouraging creativity in children is crucial for their overall development. Art and craft classes can help infants improve their cognitive skills by enhancing their ability to identify objects and their uses. Along with a strong academic curriculum, these activities can help your child discover their interests and broaden their horizons."

ILM Pathway Thanisandra Sensory Play
Sensory Play

Montessori sensorial materials are those elements that are used to train a child and refine their motor senses. Adding sensory elements into teaching restores a child’s focus and can spark an interest in learning. Children who learn through play get more enjoyment of it and thus want to do more of it.

ILM Pathway Thanisandra Language

Your toddler will pick up languages on his own. Our job is to expedite the natural process. We will introduce your child to languages of your choice through games. Learning languages can be a difficult process when we are old, but for infants, we try to liquefy the seriousness through fun activities and games.

Our Programs
ILM Pathway Thanisandra Infants
ILM Pathway Thanisandra Toddlers
ILM Pathway Thanisandra After School
After School

Looking for a way to keep your infant happy and entertained all day? Look no further! Our playmates are here to provide your little one with endless fun and joy. Let us help you make your baby's day!

Engage your toddlers in interactive learning activities tailored to their unique abilities and keep them excited to learn with our program.

Your child now needs a foundation. It’s almost time to join school! We help your child with the finest foundation and provide them their demo school experience.

ILM Pathway Thanisandra Nursery
Jr KG.jpg
Sr KG.jpg
Play Group

Playgroups offer a less formal setting for children aged 2-3 to socialize, learn, and develop skills through play and interaction.


Nursery schools offer early education for 3-4 year olds, teaching them classroom management skills.

Jr. KG

Jr. KG is a critical stage for children aged 4-5, where their developing brains foster creativity that can positively impact their future growth.

Sr. KG

Sr. KG is a fun learning experience for 5-6 year olds. Teachers make learning enjoyable through play and daily routines are taught for long-term benefits.

Our Clients Say

ILM Pathway Thanisandra Testimonial
Mrs. Zeba Hashmi
"I would like to start with saying thanks to the team here. Who have organized the event here for the kids. Such events for the young kids is usually not seen anywhere. We are the parents of Osman and Omar. Omar has only come here to participate in one of the events like junior chef event. I think this type of competition and event is really helpful for the kids for developing their social skills, creativity and how to interact with strangers."




 No.84/2 & 84/3, Monarch Serenity, I-100, Ground Floor, Thanisandra Main Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560077

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